Ol' Man Game w/Cain

#015: Your BEST is good ENOUGH

May 12, 2022 Gregory Cain, Sr. Episode 15
Ol' Man Game w/Cain
#015: Your BEST is good ENOUGH
Show Notes

Your best is good ENOUGH. Know that…Do not allow the scoreboard of life to tell you otherwise. I will attempt to influence you today with a few recommendations.

  • In life, compare YOU against YOU / Against YOUR expectations
  • Like GOLF, play the course in lieu of the competition
  • ALL we want (family, friends, loved ones) is your BEST; keep the rest
  • Not interested in the posturing; actin’ like we are all this/that
  • Not perfection

Someone needs to hear this, from DAY ONE, your best has always been good enough!

All podcast episodes and content on this platform will correlate to the following 4 cornerstones:

  1. Belief
  2. Confidence
  3. Preparation
  4. Performance

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