Ol' Man Game w/Cain

#037: GIVE what you WANT

January 05, 2023 Gregory Cain, Sr. Episode 37
Ol' Man Game w/Cain
#037: GIVE what you WANT
Show Notes

The sole point of this episode that I’d like to get across is to GIVE WHAT YOU WANT to others as you move through life. That’s it! No, I don’t mean that if others want a pony, that you should start passing them out. Instead of determining what everybody else needs, I ask that you offer or GIVE the things out of life that you WANT. Not the gifts, things and stuff, yet pour into others the intangible elements of life that you seek - those that you want as well.

All podcast episodes and content on this platform will correlate to the following cornerstones:

  1. Belief
  2. Confidence
  3. Preparation
  4. Performance

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